Wyatt was in his room, staring at his phone. He knew he should call his mother -- both of them -- but he was having a hard time figuring out what to say to them. Hi, I turned evil, ask me how?

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After they managed to free themselves from the webs Chris had stuck them in (which took some doing), Wyatt and the others tried to brainstorm on what to do. They could hunt down Chris and feed him the antidote, but he wasn't exactly willing and he wouldn't be easy to catch. Then Bridge pointed out that Chris was also four years old and in San Francisco, and feeding him the potion would be easier and would in theory inoculate his future self against the spider venom.

So when the antidote was ready, Wyatt looked at Summer. "All set? Let's get this done so my brother isn't a spider bitch any more."

My brother is a spider-loving man bitch. Dude. )

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After making a few phone calls, Wyatt tried to figure a way to get Prue out of the spider's cocoon. He tried orbing and a few spells he quickly came up with, and even summoned Excalibur to try to slice the webbing off. Nothing worked. And his brother was still unconscious in the bathroom. Not a good day.

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After the attack by the spider demon in the Preserve, Wyatt, Chris, and Prue hit the Book of Shadows to find out more about what they were up against.

"The Book really needs a table of contents," Wyatt muttered as they flipped through the pages in search of an entry on spider demons.

''Tell me about it,'' Prue said. )

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Wyatt wasn't hiding in his room, really. He was just enjoying solitude and possibly dwelling on the fact that he'd been changed into his evil doppelganger over the weekend and hurt people he cared about.

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After toying with his brother's "roommate," Wyatt withdrew to the room he had first found himself in to get some rest. Even megalomaniacs with phenomenal cosmic power needed to nap. The meditative state he put himself in was light enough that if anyone tried to come in, he'd wake up immediately.

Stupid brother.

Stupid island.

Still not king.

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After his fight with Chris, Wyatt was again seeking him out to finish things. He was tired of his brother's games. Time to end this, once and for all.

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Wyatt swung by his room later that morning, having spent the night two floors up with his girlfriend. As he walked through the door, he got the weirdest feeling that something wasn't right, but looking around, he didn't see anything out of place.

By then the curse on the bear had begun to affect his younger self in San Francisco. It sent ripples through time, changing the course of his life thus far, altering decisions and actions.

Then Wyatt himself physically changed, his clothes turning all black, his expression becoming darker. There was . . . unfortunate facial hair growth involved. He looked around the room, confused. Where the hell was he? How had he gotten here? Someone was going to answer for this. . . probably his damn brother.

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The demon appeared in Wyatt's empty room headfirst. Only his head appeared, looked around, and then the rest of his body followed. He eyed the teddy bear on Wyatt's desk. Perfect. The toddler in San Francisco yearned for the bear and had a strong connection to it. His power would follow that connection.

He picked up the bear in one hand and waved the other over it. The bear glowed red, then returned to normal. The demon returned the bear to the desk. Now he just had to wait for the curse to take effect. His body disappeared from view, head vanishing last.

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Playing babysitter for the wee incarnation of his girlfriend hadn't been on Wyatt's agenda for the weekend, but he would do his best to deal and just hope that once the weekend was over, Fandom would restore her to normal. If not, he'd have to send her out to San Francisco to live with his five-year-old self or something.

He held Isabel's hand as he orbed them to the beach. "There you go," he said. "Where do you want to make your castle?"

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Wyatt glared at the alien robot baby currently lying on his bed. Every time he put the damn thing down, it would start to cry again. This did not bode well.

A beep from his cellphone woke Wyatt up. Trying not to wake up Isabel, Wyatt fumbled for the phone and saw he had a text message waiting from Savannah.

Easing himself from the bed, Wyatt started to get dressed. Isabel made a sleepy noise of protest, and he bent over the bed and kissed her. "Savannah needs some help with something," he said. "I'll be back soon."

"You'd better," she murmured.

"Promise," he said, kissing her again, then heading out the door to meet Savannah.
After orbing himself, Isabel, Michael, and Ronan from the beach, and after Ronan and Michael had left them, Wyatt shut the door behind them and walked across the room. He put his hands on Isabel's arms. "Hey," he said softly. "How are you doing?"
After they'd seen Isabel disintegrate before their eyes, Chris had orbed himself, Dean, and Meg -- and Wyatt and Michael, both unconscious -- back to Fandom, to Wyatt's room. Dean had left with Meg and Michael, and Chris didn't envy Dean having to break the news to Michael about what had happened.

Some time later, Wyatt began to stir. He realized he was lying in his own bed in Fandom. So it had all been a dream, right? Isabel was fine. But when he listed his head he saw his brother sitting near the bed, a sad and anxious look on his face. "What happened?" he demanded.

''I'm so sorry, Wy,'' Chris said. )

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Wyatt was lounging in his room, watching a movie, class done for the day. He'd been in a fabulous mood ever since Valentine's Day, and there was little he could think of that would ruin that mood.

That was about to change.

''I really, really hope he's here,'' Sam said to Dean. )

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Wyatt was in his room, surfing the web and killing time before class that morning.

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Wyatt was in his room, trying to concentrate on doing his homework. Instead, he kept thinking about Isabel and how she teased him in Lawyering Up that morning. Right now she was shopping for his birthday present, and he was dying to know what it was.

And then the phone rang. . . . )

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Wyatt woke up in his own bed, thankfully alone. Maybe the weekend had all been one crazy dream. Isabel couldn't have been a cranky pregnant woman. And he definitely wasn't gay and obsessed with sex. Okay, maybe the second part was true. But the images in his memories were too vivid and real to have been a dream.

He groaned and yanked his pillow over his face. It might have been more bearable if he'd stayed in his room, but no, he had to go out and socialize. And he had . . . with Peter! And with Link -- Troy! He was never going to be able to look them in the eyes again.

Then yesterday he'd run into Chris at the Perk who seemed to be himself except for thinking that his brother was evil. Wyatt winced. He hadn't really hit on his brother, had he? Killing himself was becoming more and more attractive.

He'd gone to to Caritas last night and hit on Anders. He was never going to hear the end of it. He contemplated skipping class and wondered if attempting to kill himself would be a good excuse for missing school.

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