Wyatt had been none too pleased when he reached into his backpack and came out with a handful of shaving cream. Glittered shaving cream. It had to be Bridge or Anders who was responsible, and the glitter pointed to Anders. Unless Bridge was cagey enough to plant the glitter to frame Anders. . . . Nah.

Obviously, revenge was called for. He didn't want to, say, release a thousand crickets in the room, since Bridge had to sleep there, too. So instead he snuck into 227 while Anders and Bridge were out. He used a little TK to pull open Anders's underwear drawer, and some more TK to float the contents to the sink and turn on the water. (He certainly wasn't going to touch another dude's underwear.) When everything was good and soaked, he TK'd the pile into the freezer in 225.

After a few seconds thought, he opened up the freezer and tossed in a handful of glitter as well, then wandered out of the room to see what was going on that evening.
blessed_twice: (Wyatt is grinning and wearing shades)
Wyatt might have had just a little bit too much sugar and caffeine that morning. He was practically vibrating as he stopped by Anders and Bridge's room. When no one answered, he tried the code Anders had given him and walked into the room. He didn't mean to be rude, he was just extremely hyper.

The room was empty of human and cylon inhabitants. It did, however, feel far too stuffy in the room, so Wyatt opened up all the windows. Then he noticed Anders's open and meticulously organized sock drawer.

This would not do. It was unnatural. So Wyatt used a little TK to rearrange the drawer and mess up its contents. (RIC was not happy.) And then, just so Bridge wouldn't feel left out, he turned all his spare gloves inside out. And switched the birds' cages around.

Satisfied with his contribution to chaos -- it would distract Anders from his imminent doom, at least -- Wyatt headed off to class.
When Bel had destroyed the spellbook and ended the possession of Phoebe, Lana, and Marie, all their spells had worn off. Including the one that had turned Wyatt into a sugar glider.

So now he was human again. Sleeping. Naked. And snuggling against Anders in his bed.
Wyatt woke up and peered blearily around, momentarily confused and having no idea where he was. He was on the floor. Not his floor. His head was throbbing and his stomach was definitely rolling.

He pushed himself up and tried to look around. When he spied the empty bottles and glasses strewn about on the floor, some memory started to return. Anders. Bridge. Ambrosia. Space vodka.

Bridge and Anders were in their beds and his clothes were still on. That much was a comfort, at least.


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