A beep from his cellphone woke Wyatt up. Trying not to wake up Isabel, Wyatt fumbled for the phone and saw he had a text message waiting from Savannah.

Easing himself from the bed, Wyatt started to get dressed. Isabel made a sleepy noise of protest, and he bent over the bed and kissed her. "Savannah needs some help with something," he said. "I'll be back soon."

"You'd better," she murmured.

"Promise," he said, kissing her again, then heading out the door to meet Savannah.
Christian was not terribly suprised when he woke up snuggled against a warm body. He didn't quite remember who he had gone home with last night, but partying invariably led to sex and waking up in a strange bed was nothing new to him. He ran his hand along the body next to him. Maybe it was that cute new bartender. Or that hot DJ. Or. . . .

His hand froze and his eyes flew open. Neither the bartender or the DJ or anyone he would've gone home with had breasts. With some trepidation, he eased his hand a little lower. He was certain neither one of them were lacking what his fingers did not find . . . and he was positive neither of them were wtfpregnant?! He pushed away and sat up. What the hell? He couldn't have had that much to drink, could he have? This was all some horrible dream where he was boring and straight and had knocked up his girlfriend. In other words, hell.

[ooc: for great slowplay. Wyatt is Christian Markelli from Latter Days and Isabel is Alison Scott from Knocked Up.]
The cure to the plague didn't fix exhaustion, but orbing himself and Isabel back to the dorms after they'd had the tea would be less taxing than walking. Or so Wyatt reasoned. However, when they appeared in Isabel's room, his knees buckled and he swayed dizzily, holding on to Isabel for support.
Wyatt stirred, but refused to wake up and open his eyes, deciding instead to snuggle closer to the warm, soft body next to him. It had been a great weekend with all the snuggling (and making out), and he didn't want it to end anytime soon. He was still a little too groggy to realize that anything unusual was going on.

[For the soft warm body, natch.]


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