While Isabel did her own packing upstairs, Wyatt was finishing packing in his own room. He'd already orbed a lot of stuff home, leaving the important stuff to be taken along on the road trip. He was stalling, just a bit, distracting himself by checking his email and looking up places online they might visit on their trip.

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After making a few phone calls, Wyatt tried to figure a way to get Prue out of the spider's cocoon. He tried orbing and a few spells he quickly came up with, and even summoned Excalibur to try to slice the webbing off. Nothing worked. And his brother was still unconscious in the bathroom. Not a good day.

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Wyatt woke up and peered blearily around, momentarily confused and having no idea where he was. He was on the floor. Not his floor. His head was throbbing and his stomach was definitely rolling.

He pushed himself up and tried to look around. When he spied the empty bottles and glasses strewn about on the floor, some memory started to return. Anders. Bridge. Ambrosia. Space vodka.

Bridge and Anders were in their beds and his clothes were still on. That much was a comfort, at least.
Wyatt couldn't sit still, though he did try not to pace as he waited for people to show up so Tannim could open the portal to the Underworld.

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