Wyatt had wandered downstairs to scrounge for food. A flash of light from the living room caught his eye, so, wary for any danger, he stepped into the room. A woman dressed in shining silver armor and radiating a brilliant light stood there. "Who are you?" Wyatt demanded, shielding his eyes. "What are you doing here? Excalibur!"

The woman laughed. "I'm right here, my king," she said.

His sword hadn't appeared in his hand like it should've when he called. Wyatt stared at the woman. "You're trying to tell me you're my sword?" he said.

"I am, my lord," the woman said, bowing her head.

Life as a witch and living in Fandom made Wyatt used to a lot of weird stuff. So no one should be terribly surprised that his reaction wasn't one of completely denial, but instead was: "No way! My sword is not a girl!"

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Wyatt realized he had a message waiting for him as he got out of class. Hoshi was kind enough to inform him that Chris had been gremlin-bit. He snickered. This ought to be good.

He watched the video.

And stared.

And stared some more.

And forwarded it to Isabel and Piper and Phoebe.

And then he called Hoshi back to leave her a message.

And then he started watching the video again. He totally had to download this off his phone and burn copies and send them to everyone Chris knew.
Sprawled on his bed and watching TV -- well, the TV was on, but he was flipping through the channels, unable to find anything to hold his interest -- Wyatt had drifted off to sleep. He had been feeling unsettled all day for reasons unknown, though he knew part of the reason had to be his recent experience with the portal. The world he'd found himself in had been a future San Francisco, torn apart by a war that brought him, his potential evil future self, to power. He should have orbed right home, but he was compelled to see what the word was and maybe learn how it came to be. He pretended to be the Wyatt who ruled there as humans and demons alike bowed and scraped to him.

There had been a woman brought before him, hands chained with magical bonds to prevent her from using her powers. He didn't know her name; his demons just referred to her as "the Phoenix," and he wasn't about to blow his cover by asking who she was. He wasn't sure if she was witch or demon, but she stared him in the eye, unflinching, swearing that no matter what he did to her, he wouldn't break her. But he could sense the fear she tried so hard to hide. She knew what power his counterpart had, and it terrified her. It terrified him, too.

He wasn't about to torture her, but if he let her go, it might make his demonic entourage suspicious, so he continued to play his role, engaging her in conversation. This seemed to unnerve her, but it also gave him a few tidbits of information. She was engaged to the Chris of this world and wore his ring on her finger. She'd served him once, but joined with Chris to fight against him. Her biggest concern was not her own life, but that of his brother.

He'd dismissed her, telling his demons to return her to her cell, and he would deal with her later. Then he demanded privacy so he could think. He had to find a way to let the girl go, and maybe get her to bring him to Chris and explain who he was. But all plans were ruined when the portal reappeared and took him home, though he was relieved to be back in his world.

He dreamed of that Wyatt now, of magic and power and how seductive it felt. He'd do good with that power, he swore, but he could feel the darkness chasing him, almost like it was a tangible force.

He woke up drenched his sweat, his heart racing. Glad his roommate wasn't around, he took a few minutes to try to calm down, then grabbed his phone and called Chris. He didn't get an answer, so he left a voicemail, trying hard to sound casual. Then he dialed a second number, really really hoping she picked up.

[For the girlfriend and great slowplay.]
Wyatt almost couldn't believe he was done with school. He'd had his last final that morning, and next was graduation. Which he'd been told in the past involved aliens and jello dragons, so he couldn't wait to see what was going to happen this year. Might as well relax while he could.

[For the brother. And the girlfriend.]
Wyatt was in his room, staring at his phone. He knew he should call his mother -- both of them -- but he was having a hard time figuring out what to say to them. Hi, I turned evil, ask me how?

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After they managed to free themselves from the webs Chris had stuck them in (which took some doing), Wyatt and the others tried to brainstorm on what to do. They could hunt down Chris and feed him the antidote, but he wasn't exactly willing and he wouldn't be easy to catch. Then Bridge pointed out that Chris was also four years old and in San Francisco, and feeding him the potion would be easier and would in theory inoculate his future self against the spider venom.

So when the antidote was ready, Wyatt looked at Summer. "All set? Let's get this done so my brother isn't a spider bitch any more."

My brother is a spider-loving man bitch. Dude. )

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After making a few phone calls, Wyatt tried to figure a way to get Prue out of the spider's cocoon. He tried orbing and a few spells he quickly came up with, and even summoned Excalibur to try to slice the webbing off. Nothing worked. And his brother was still unconscious in the bathroom. Not a good day.

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After the attack by the spider demon in the Preserve, Wyatt, Chris, and Prue hit the Book of Shadows to find out more about what they were up against.

"The Book really needs a table of contents," Wyatt muttered as they flipped through the pages in search of an entry on spider demons.

''Tell me about it,'' Prue said. )

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Playing babysitter for the wee incarnation of his girlfriend hadn't been on Wyatt's agenda for the weekend, but he would do his best to deal and just hope that once the weekend was over, Fandom would restore her to normal. If not, he'd have to send her out to San Francisco to live with his five-year-old self or something.

He held Isabel's hand as he orbed them to the beach. "There you go," he said. "Where do you want to make your castle?"

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After they'd seen Isabel disintegrate before their eyes, Chris had orbed himself, Dean, and Meg -- and Wyatt and Michael, both unconscious -- back to Fandom, to Wyatt's room. Dean had left with Meg and Michael, and Chris didn't envy Dean having to break the news to Michael about what had happened.

Some time later, Wyatt began to stir. He realized he was lying in his own bed in Fandom. So it had all been a dream, right? Isabel was fine. But when he listed his head he saw his brother sitting near the bed, a sad and anxious look on his face. "What happened?" he demanded.

''I'm so sorry, Wy,'' Chris said. )

[Pre-played with [livejournal.com profile] neurotic_witch and [livejournal.com profile] repeterpetrelli, Specific details of the conversation NFB, NFI, OOC is love]
Wyatt was lounging in his room, watching a movie, class done for the day. He'd been in a fabulous mood ever since Valentine's Day, and there was little he could think of that would ruin that mood.

That was about to change.

''I really, really hope he's here,'' Sam said to Dean. )

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Wyatt was in his room, surfing the web and killing time before class that morning.

[ooc: For the brother.]
Wyatt woke up in his own bed, thankfully alone. Maybe the weekend had all been one crazy dream. Isabel couldn't have been a cranky pregnant woman. And he definitely wasn't gay and obsessed with sex. Okay, maybe the second part was true. But the images in his memories were too vivid and real to have been a dream.

He groaned and yanked his pillow over his face. It might have been more bearable if he'd stayed in his room, but no, he had to go out and socialize. And he had . . . with Peter! And with Link -- Troy! He was never going to be able to look them in the eyes again.

Then yesterday he'd run into Chris at the Perk who seemed to be himself except for thinking that his brother was evil. Wyatt winced. He hadn't really hit on his brother, had he? Killing himself was becoming more and more attractive.

He'd gone to to Caritas last night and hit on Anders. He was never going to hear the end of it. He contemplated skipping class and wondered if attempting to kill himself would be a good excuse for missing school.

[Mostly establishy, but open to taunt the big gay whitelighter.]
Things had been going so well. So incredibly well. Well, except for the weird and deadly board game Isabel had found. (And, okay, except for flailing when Savannah came to him for sex advice.)

Then on Friday night, as Parents Weekend began, he and Chris had gone out for pizza so they wouldn't mope about not having parents there. And two suspiciously-acting cousins had shown up. They were so suspicious that Chris had called Bridge to check them out. And then they learned the truth: the "cousins" were really their parents in disguise -- the parents they thought had been dead for the past decade and a half.

It was too much to process. He'd gone to Isabel's room and spent the night there, needing to hold on to someone he could believe in. In the morning, he'd gone to get Chris, only to find him with Lana (despite earlier insistance that there was nothing going on between them, wtf). They'd gone to talk to Prue only to find out she knew that their parents had been alive, too.

Isabel and Prue (and maybe Lana, too, he didn't know) had encouraged them to talk to their parents and find out why they had faked their deaths and left them to be raised by their grandfather. Isabel had come with him to the Devil's Nest to confront Piper and Leo. He was still struggling to understand, but he was feeling less angry.

But for now he was lying on a blanket in a clearing in the preserves, his arm around Isabel, watching the Perseid meteor shower. This was the surprise she'd mentioned, and he was more than happy to forget about the past two days and just lie there with her and count the shooting stars until the sun rose.
Wyatt and Chris definitely wanted some quality time with their would-be mother before she had to leave the island, so Sunday afternoon found them at the Arms, knocking on Piper's hotel room door.

"Dude, did I tell you she didn't show up with Lindsey at the dance?" Wyatt asked Chris while they waited for Piper to answer. "She came with Veronica."
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Wyatt was in his room, relaxing after a rather interesting encounter with Lana. Maybe she wasn't so bad after all.

Right now he was waiting for Chris to show up so they could figure out a spell to get their stolen senses back. Pity he couldn't see, because then he might realize he had lipstick marks all over his face.
Wyatt was flipping through the Book of Shadows, waiting for Chris to show up. He had to resist the urge for an evil cackle. Oh yes, this would be fun.

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Wyatt finished packing the last of the bags into the trunk of the car he'd rented. Grandpa's credit card came in handy for such things. As did a convenient fake ID because no one was going to rent to a 17-year-old.

It was nine to ten hours to Savannah, where they'd hook up with Tannim. Wyatt wasn't crazy about leaving the school for a few days for fear that Phoebe would do something rash, but he trusted that her friends would keep an eye on her. And in Anders's case, it had better only be an eye.

He was totally controlling the radio for this trip, and if Chris objected, he'd stuff him with the luggage in the trunk.

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After Tannim's gate had collapsed, leaving Wyatt and Chris stranded in the Underworld, demons had come into the Source's chamber to see what the commotion had been about. When they spotted Chris and Wyatt, they immediately summoned fireballs in preparation for attack.

Then Chris had grabbed Wyatt's arm and white-blue orbs of light surrounded them. Then next thing Wyatt knew, he was standing with his brother, outside in the daylight. On a beach.

A topless beach.

He grinned. "Our powers are cool," he said.

[ooc: Happened late last night but players were too unconscious to play it out, woes. NFB due to distance.]


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