After toying with his brother's "roommate," Wyatt withdrew to the room he had first found himself in to get some rest. Even megalomaniacs with phenomenal cosmic power needed to nap. The meditative state he put himself in was light enough that if anyone tried to come in, he'd wake up immediately.

Stupid brother.

Stupid island.

Still not king.

[ooc: for the pissed-off girlfriend.]
After his fight with Chris, Wyatt was again seeking him out to finish things. He was tired of his brother's games. Time to end this, once and for all.

[ooc: For the angry boyfriend. No, not Wyatt's angry boyfriend. Hush.]
Wyatt swung by his room later that morning, having spent the night two floors up with his girlfriend. As he walked through the door, he got the weirdest feeling that something wasn't right, but looking around, he didn't see anything out of place.

By then the curse on the bear had begun to affect his younger self in San Francisco. It sent ripples through time, changing the course of his life thus far, altering decisions and actions.

Then Wyatt himself physically changed, his clothes turning all black, his expression becoming darker. There was . . . unfortunate facial hair growth involved. He looked around the room, confused. Where the hell was he? How had he gotten here? Someone was going to answer for this. . . probably his damn brother.

[ooc: Door and post are open! Wyatt's looking like this now. His actual change is NFB, but not the fact that he'll be acting oddly if people come by. I have to disappear between 11:45 AM and 1:30 PM, but I'll be back after that.]
The demon appeared in Wyatt's empty room headfirst. Only his head appeared, looked around, and then the rest of his body followed. He eyed the teddy bear on Wyatt's desk. Perfect. The toddler in San Francisco yearned for the bear and had a strong connection to it. His power would follow that connection.

He picked up the bear in one hand and waved the other over it. The bear glowed red, then returned to normal. The demon returned the bear to the desk. Now he just had to wait for the curse to take effect. His body disappeared from view, head vanishing last.

[ooc: NFB, NFI, yes, my canon is heavily crack-based.]


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