After making a few phone calls, Wyatt tried to figure a way to get Prue out of the spider's cocoon. He tried orbing and a few spells he quickly came up with, and even summoned Excalibur to try to slice the webbing off. Nothing worked. And his brother was still unconscious in the bathroom. Not a good day.

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After the attack by the spider demon in the Preserve, Wyatt, Chris, and Prue hit the Book of Shadows to find out more about what they were up against.

"The Book really needs a table of contents," Wyatt muttered as they flipped through the pages in search of an entry on spider demons.

''Tell me about it,'' Prue said. )

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Things had been going so well. So incredibly well. Well, except for the weird and deadly board game Isabel had found. (And, okay, except for flailing when Savannah came to him for sex advice.)

Then on Friday night, as Parents Weekend began, he and Chris had gone out for pizza so they wouldn't mope about not having parents there. And two suspiciously-acting cousins had shown up. They were so suspicious that Chris had called Bridge to check them out. And then they learned the truth: the "cousins" were really their parents in disguise -- the parents they thought had been dead for the past decade and a half.

It was too much to process. He'd gone to Isabel's room and spent the night there, needing to hold on to someone he could believe in. In the morning, he'd gone to get Chris, only to find him with Lana (despite earlier insistance that there was nothing going on between them, wtf). They'd gone to talk to Prue only to find out she knew that their parents had been alive, too.

Isabel and Prue (and maybe Lana, too, he didn't know) had encouraged them to talk to their parents and find out why they had faked their deaths and left them to be raised by their grandfather. Isabel had come with him to the Devil's Nest to confront Piper and Leo. He was still struggling to understand, but he was feeling less angry.

But for now he was lying on a blanket in a clearing in the preserves, his arm around Isabel, watching the Perseid meteor shower. This was the surprise she'd mentioned, and he was more than happy to forget about the past two days and just lie there with her and count the shooting stars until the sun rose.


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