Twelve or so hours of driving (including stops for gas, food, cheesy tourist attractions, and other necessities) brought Wyatt and Isabel from Alexandria to Nashville. Driving cross-country was going to take a lot longer than orbing, but it was worth it for the experience and the company. And, of course, stopping at every Guy Fieri-endorsed diner they could find along the way.

Wyatt actually had a destination in mind for a late dinner, one he'd found recommended on the Food Network website. So after they'd checked into their motel, Wyatt led Isabel on the short walk to the Tin Angel.

"Dork," Isabel laughed.

"C'mon, I had to," Wyatt said, opening up the door and holding it for her.

[For great slowplay with the GF.]
Wyatt finished packing the last of the bags into the trunk of the car he'd rented. Grandpa's credit card came in handy for such things. As did a convenient fake ID because no one was going to rent to a 17-year-old.

It was nine to ten hours to Savannah, where they'd hook up with Tannim. Wyatt wasn't crazy about leaving the school for a few days for fear that Phoebe would do something rash, but he trusted that her friends would keep an eye on her. And in Anders's case, it had better only be an eye.

He was totally controlling the radio for this trip, and if Chris objected, he'd stuff him with the luggage in the trunk.

[ooc: for [ profile] neurotic_witch and [ profile] stocksgrrl -- and anyone else who is going to meet Tannim in Savannah that I don't know about. I hope I got a big enough car. ;) ]


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