Wow, that had been a weird dream. Him and Summer? She was cute and all, and okay, so maybe he'd poached some of his brother's girlfriends before, but that was old Wyatt. New Wyatt was more than happy with Isabel. Whom he certainly wasn't going to tell about the dream. And he sure as hell wasn't going to tell Chris, either.

He snuggled closer to Isabel. Or so he thought.

[For the one who is not Isabel.]
While Isabel did her own packing upstairs, Wyatt was finishing packing in his own room. He'd already orbed a lot of stuff home, leaving the important stuff to be taken along on the road trip. He was stalling, just a bit, distracting himself by checking his email and looking up places online they might visit on their trip.

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After they managed to free themselves from the webs Chris had stuck them in (which took some doing), Wyatt and the others tried to brainstorm on what to do. They could hunt down Chris and feed him the antidote, but he wasn't exactly willing and he wouldn't be easy to catch. Then Bridge pointed out that Chris was also four years old and in San Francisco, and feeding him the potion would be easier and would in theory inoculate his future self against the spider venom.

So when the antidote was ready, Wyatt looked at Summer. "All set? Let's get this done so my brother isn't a spider bitch any more."

My brother is a spider-loving man bitch. Dude. )

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After making a few phone calls, Wyatt tried to figure a way to get Prue out of the spider's cocoon. He tried orbing and a few spells he quickly came up with, and even summoned Excalibur to try to slice the webbing off. Nothing worked. And his brother was still unconscious in the bathroom. Not a good day.

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Playing babysitter for the wee incarnation of his girlfriend hadn't been on Wyatt's agenda for the weekend, but he would do his best to deal and just hope that once the weekend was over, Fandom would restore her to normal. If not, he'd have to send her out to San Francisco to live with his five-year-old self or something.

He held Isabel's hand as he orbed them to the beach. "There you go," he said. "Where do you want to make your castle?"

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