After orbing himself, Isabel, Michael, and Ronan from the beach, and after Ronan and Michael had left them, Wyatt shut the door behind them and walked across the room. He put his hands on Isabel's arms. "Hey," he said softly. "How are you doing?"
After they'd seen Isabel disintegrate before their eyes, Chris had orbed himself, Dean, and Meg -- and Wyatt and Michael, both unconscious -- back to Fandom, to Wyatt's room. Dean had left with Meg and Michael, and Chris didn't envy Dean having to break the news to Michael about what had happened.

Some time later, Wyatt began to stir. He realized he was lying in his own bed in Fandom. So it had all been a dream, right? Isabel was fine. But when he listed his head he saw his brother sitting near the bed, a sad and anxious look on his face. "What happened?" he demanded.

''I'm so sorry, Wy,'' Chris said. )

[Pre-played with [ profile] neurotic_witch and [ profile] repeterpetrelli, Specific details of the conversation NFB, NFI, OOC is love]
Wyatt was lounging in his room, watching a movie, class done for the day. He'd been in a fabulous mood ever since Valentine's Day, and there was little he could think of that would ruin that mood.

That was about to change.

''I really, really hope he's here,'' Sam said to Dean. )

[Pre-played with the most awesome [ profile] neurotic_witch, [ profile] rebelheartalien, [ profile] psychic_wonder, and [ profile] saltandammo. Specific contents of the conversation NFB, NFI, OOC would be awesome!!!]
Wyatt was in his room, trying to concentrate on doing his homework. Instead, he kept thinking about Isabel and how she teased him in Lawyering Up that morning. Right now she was shopping for his birthday present, and he was dying to know what it was.

And then the phone rang. . . . )

[Pre-played with [ profile] izzyalienqueen, NFI, broadcast is OK, OOC is love.]


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