Wyatt slept late that morning and blew off his class. There was no particular reason he did so, just a comfy bed and dreams of his girlfriend. He knew early March had treated her roughly in the past, so he was planning to orb to Vegas and surprise her that evening. Hopefully he could make sure this year would be different for her.

When he finally got up and dressed and opened the door to his room, he found a portal there instead of the hallway. Surprised, he couldn't orb away in time before the portal pulled him in.

The portal deposited him in San Francisco. Only it wasn't the San Francisco he left. Decay and neglect had claimed the city. "What the hell?" he said, looking around.

A demon shimmered in before him. Wyatt instinctively raised his hand to use his TK against it, but the demon knelt and bowed his head. "My lord," he said.

Wyatt took a step back. "What do you want?" he demanded.

"We've captured the Phoenix," the demon said. "She awaits your pleasure at the Manor."

"I...I will be there shortly," Wyatt said. As soon as he stopped flailing.

The demon nodded, then rose and shimmered away.

This was bad. This was very very bad. Actually, bad was an understatement. The portal had apparently deposited him in a world where he was evil. "Not gonna happen," he told himself. But maybe he could find a way to fix things while he was here. With that thought in mind, he orbed to the Manor.


Wyatt Halliwell

June 2013



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