After a brief stop in Vegas to pick up Isabel (and a few moments of "maybe I shouldn't go" and a Look from Isabel), Wyatt orbed them to the home of his real mother. As far as most of the world still knew in that dimension, Piper Halliwell, her husband, and her sisters were dead, so they couldn't live at the Manor, of course.

Wyatt hated feeling so anxious about a stupid, possibly completely wrong, memory. He squeezed Isabel's hand and knocked on the door.
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Maybe it was the trip to the other world that triggered or, or perhaps being turned into his younger self for the weekend. Whatever it was, Wyatt could feel the brush of a memory against his mind, faint and teasing and out of reach. He managed to resist the urge to cast a spell to help him remember, worried that personal gain would make it backfire. So instead he locked himself in his room, drew the curtains and turned off the lights, then light a candle and sat on his bed, staring at it, willing himself to relax. He had to find out what the memories were.

Images flashed through his mind, too fast and hazy to understand. )
Sprawled on his bed and watching TV -- well, the TV was on, but he was flipping through the channels, unable to find anything to hold his interest -- Wyatt had drifted off to sleep. He had been feeling unsettled all day for reasons unknown, though he knew part of the reason had to be his recent experience with the portal. The world he'd found himself in had been a future San Francisco, torn apart by a war that brought him, his potential evil future self, to power. He should have orbed right home, but he was compelled to see what the word was and maybe learn how it came to be. He pretended to be the Wyatt who ruled there as humans and demons alike bowed and scraped to him.

There had been a woman brought before him, hands chained with magical bonds to prevent her from using her powers. He didn't know her name; his demons just referred to her as "the Phoenix," and he wasn't about to blow his cover by asking who she was. He wasn't sure if she was witch or demon, but she stared him in the eye, unflinching, swearing that no matter what he did to her, he wouldn't break her. But he could sense the fear she tried so hard to hide. She knew what power his counterpart had, and it terrified her. It terrified him, too.

He wasn't about to torture her, but if he let her go, it might make his demonic entourage suspicious, so he continued to play his role, engaging her in conversation. This seemed to unnerve her, but it also gave him a few tidbits of information. She was engaged to the Chris of this world and wore his ring on her finger. She'd served him once, but joined with Chris to fight against him. Her biggest concern was not her own life, but that of his brother.

He'd dismissed her, telling his demons to return her to her cell, and he would deal with her later. Then he demanded privacy so he could think. He had to find a way to let the girl go, and maybe get her to bring him to Chris and explain who he was. But all plans were ruined when the portal reappeared and took him home, though he was relieved to be back in his world.

He dreamed of that Wyatt now, of magic and power and how seductive it felt. He'd do good with that power, he swore, but he could feel the darkness chasing him, almost like it was a tangible force.

He woke up drenched his sweat, his heart racing. Glad his roommate wasn't around, he took a few minutes to try to calm down, then grabbed his phone and called Chris. He didn't get an answer, so he left a voicemail, trying hard to sound casual. Then he dialed a second number, really really hoping she picked up.

[For the girlfriend and great slowplay.]
Wyatt slept late that morning and blew off his class. There was no particular reason he did so, just a comfy bed and dreams of his girlfriend. He knew early March had treated her roughly in the past, so he was planning to orb to Vegas and surprise her that evening. Hopefully he could make sure this year would be different for her.

When he finally got up and dressed and opened the door to his room, he found a portal there instead of the hallway. Surprised, he couldn't orb away in time before the portal pulled him in.

The portal deposited him in San Francisco. Only it wasn't the San Francisco he left. Decay and neglect had claimed the city. "What the hell?" he said, looking around.

A demon shimmered in before him. Wyatt instinctively raised his hand to use his TK against it, but the demon knelt and bowed his head. "My lord," he said.

Wyatt took a step back. "What do you want?" he demanded.

"We've captured the Phoenix," the demon said. "She awaits your pleasure at the Manor."

"I...I will be there shortly," Wyatt said. As soon as he stopped flailing.

The demon nodded, then rose and shimmered away.

This was bad. This was very very bad. Actually, bad was an understatement. The portal had apparently deposited him in a world where he was evil. "Not gonna happen," he told himself. But maybe he could find a way to fix things while he was here. With that thought in mind, he orbed to the Manor.
Wyatt was sitting on his bed, flipping through the Book of Shadows and taking notes. There had to be a spell in here he could use to return his parents and aunts to life. There were spells to summon spirits and spells to vanquish ghosts, but nothing so far to restore the dead. But he knew there had to be a way to do it, and he knew he had the power to make it work.

Cut for preplay. )

[ooc: Preplayed with [ profile] neurotic_witch and . . . [ profile] neurotic_witch. Post is open for any seeking Wyatt, but Chris has left.]


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