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Wyatt had been hard at work all morning baby-proofing the Manor. Fortunately, even though it was an old building, it had been blown up and rebuilt so many times over the years that a lot of the structure had been modernized. And on top of that, Piper and Leo had done a lot of work before he and Chris had been born.

Mostly he was making certain all potion and spell ingredients were safely -- and magically -- locked away. There was no telling what mischief a part-witch, part-whitelighter, part-alien baby was going to get into when she was born.

[Open for the baby mama, visiting relatives, or any phone calls/texts/whatever.]
Wyatt knew that gargoyles were a defense against evil. In their resting state, they were merely statues, but if evil came near they, they came alive and screeched, a noise that served both as a warning and caused pain to evil.

When the gargoyles on the spire of Grace Cathedral went missing, the police blamed vandals. Right, vandals who could fly, maybe. Wyatt knew better, that there had to be something more sinister behind it. They'd somehow been stolen by demons.

A few days later, he found out they hadn't just been stolen. They'd been corrupted. The gargoyles were on the loose in the city, and they were evil, and they had to be stopped. So instead of spending the weekend in Vegas (and several years in the past), Wyatt was chasing evil gargoyles around the city. And sending random text messages to Isabel in between fights. did i mention they can fly? this sucks.

[*sigh* I had to. It's on SciFi right now, and it's appropriately bad. ;) ]
Wyatt had decided to give Isabel a call. As one does.

But when she picked up the phone, before he could say hello, he -- what else -- began to sing.

No other face would take you off my mind
You're so refined
You're much too kind
I have to warn you I'm never gonna set you free
'Cause I was born to
Love you for eternity

Whenever you're away from me
Wherever you go
You're never far away from me
I want you to know
I only have to close my eyes dear
And suddenly I'm where you are
You better never stray
Cos I'll never be far away

On every breeze I seem to hear your name
My heart's aflame
I feel the same
I'd fall apart dear if you let the feelin' end
Don't break a heart dear that nobody else could mend

Whenever you're away from me
Wherever you go
You're never far away from me
I want you to know
I only have to close my eyes dear
And suddenly I'm where you are
You better never stray
Cos I'll never be far away

Oh, Fandom.
Wyatt had wandered downstairs to scrounge for food. A flash of light from the living room caught his eye, so, wary for any danger, he stepped into the room. A woman dressed in shining silver armor and radiating a brilliant light stood there. "Who are you?" Wyatt demanded, shielding his eyes. "What are you doing here? Excalibur!"

The woman laughed. "I'm right here, my king," she said.

His sword hadn't appeared in his hand like it should've when he called. Wyatt stared at the woman. "You're trying to tell me you're my sword?" he said.

"I am, my lord," the woman said, bowing her head.

Life as a witch and living in Fandom made Wyatt used to a lot of weird stuff. So no one should be terribly surprised that his reaction wasn't one of completely denial, but instead was: "No way! My sword is not a girl!"

[Open for the gf or the brother if they happen to be about. :) ]
Wyatt had tried not to get his hopes up, but he was still disappointed that there was no sign of Victoria. It wasn't fair that all the weird stuff followed them from Fandom, but not the good weird stuff like adorable future children. Isabel was disappointed, too, so they tried to distract themselves by snuggling on the couch and watching a marathon of Deadliest Catch.

And maybe occasionally grabbing the laptop to replay Chris's performance at Caritas. That would never get old.

[For phone calls from weetiny relatives!]
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Wyatt realized he had a message waiting for him as he got out of class. Hoshi was kind enough to inform him that Chris had been gremlin-bit. He snickered. This ought to be good.

He watched the video.

And stared.

And stared some more.

And forwarded it to Isabel and Piper and Phoebe.

And then he called Hoshi back to leave her a message.

And then he started watching the video again. He totally had to download this off his phone and burn copies and send them to everyone Chris knew.
After a brief stop in Vegas to pick up Isabel (and a few moments of "maybe I shouldn't go" and a Look from Isabel), Wyatt orbed them to the home of his real mother. As far as most of the world still knew in that dimension, Piper Halliwell, her husband, and her sisters were dead, so they couldn't live at the Manor, of course.

Wyatt hated feeling so anxious about a stupid, possibly completely wrong, memory. He squeezed Isabel's hand and knocked on the door.
After making plans to visit his mother -- the Piper who actually gave birth to him, not the Piper he met at Fandom -- later in the week, Wyatt figured he'd better talk to Isabel and tell her about it. Because if he didn't, he'd be all angsty about turning evil and she'd kick his ass. That and he needed someone to talk to, someone who wasn't Chris.

[For the hot blonde alien chick.]
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Maybe it was the trip to the other world that triggered or, or perhaps being turned into his younger self for the weekend. Whatever it was, Wyatt could feel the brush of a memory against his mind, faint and teasing and out of reach. He managed to resist the urge to cast a spell to help him remember, worried that personal gain would make it backfire. So instead he locked himself in his room, drew the curtains and turned off the lights, then light a candle and sat on his bed, staring at it, willing himself to relax. He had to find out what the memories were.

Images flashed through his mind, too fast and hazy to understand. )
Sprawled on his bed and watching TV -- well, the TV was on, but he was flipping through the channels, unable to find anything to hold his interest -- Wyatt had drifted off to sleep. He had been feeling unsettled all day for reasons unknown, though he knew part of the reason had to be his recent experience with the portal. The world he'd found himself in had been a future San Francisco, torn apart by a war that brought him, his potential evil future self, to power. He should have orbed right home, but he was compelled to see what the word was and maybe learn how it came to be. He pretended to be the Wyatt who ruled there as humans and demons alike bowed and scraped to him.

There had been a woman brought before him, hands chained with magical bonds to prevent her from using her powers. He didn't know her name; his demons just referred to her as "the Phoenix," and he wasn't about to blow his cover by asking who she was. He wasn't sure if she was witch or demon, but she stared him in the eye, unflinching, swearing that no matter what he did to her, he wouldn't break her. But he could sense the fear she tried so hard to hide. She knew what power his counterpart had, and it terrified her. It terrified him, too.

He wasn't about to torture her, but if he let her go, it might make his demonic entourage suspicious, so he continued to play his role, engaging her in conversation. This seemed to unnerve her, but it also gave him a few tidbits of information. She was engaged to the Chris of this world and wore his ring on her finger. She'd served him once, but joined with Chris to fight against him. Her biggest concern was not her own life, but that of his brother.

He'd dismissed her, telling his demons to return her to her cell, and he would deal with her later. Then he demanded privacy so he could think. He had to find a way to let the girl go, and maybe get her to bring him to Chris and explain who he was. But all plans were ruined when the portal reappeared and took him home, though he was relieved to be back in his world.

He dreamed of that Wyatt now, of magic and power and how seductive it felt. He'd do good with that power, he swore, but he could feel the darkness chasing him, almost like it was a tangible force.

He woke up drenched his sweat, his heart racing. Glad his roommate wasn't around, he took a few minutes to try to calm down, then grabbed his phone and called Chris. He didn't get an answer, so he left a voicemail, trying hard to sound casual. Then he dialed a second number, really really hoping she picked up.

[For the girlfriend and great slowplay.]
Wyatt slept late that morning and blew off his class. There was no particular reason he did so, just a comfy bed and dreams of his girlfriend. He knew early March had treated her roughly in the past, so he was planning to orb to Vegas and surprise her that evening. Hopefully he could make sure this year would be different for her.

When he finally got up and dressed and opened the door to his room, he found a portal there instead of the hallway. Surprised, he couldn't orb away in time before the portal pulled him in.

The portal deposited him in San Francisco. Only it wasn't the San Francisco he left. Decay and neglect had claimed the city. "What the hell?" he said, looking around.

A demon shimmered in before him. Wyatt instinctively raised his hand to use his TK against it, but the demon knelt and bowed his head. "My lord," he said.

Wyatt took a step back. "What do you want?" he demanded.

"We've captured the Phoenix," the demon said. "She awaits your pleasure at the Manor."

"I...I will be there shortly," Wyatt said. As soon as he stopped flailing.

The demon nodded, then rose and shimmered away.

This was bad. This was very very bad. Actually, bad was an understatement. The portal had apparently deposited him in a world where he was evil. "Not gonna happen," he told himself. But maybe he could find a way to fix things while he was here. With that thought in mind, he orbed to the Manor.
Fork had awaken in a closet with a splitting, frying-pan induced headache. It took him awhile, but he managed to bust the door down. Unfortunately, it was daylight again and this stupid house had so many windows. He kept out of the direct sunlight and skulked, looking for Isabel. She was sleeping. In the sunroom. Bathed in sunlight. So. Not. Fair.

He amused himself for awhile by throwing things at her, but she'd woken up and TK'd stuff right back at him and promptly went back to sleep. Eventually he got bored and wandered upstairs, poking through rooms he could access. Then he discovered the attic. He had to scramble to cover up some of the windows, but it was shielded from the light enough to let him move about and explore. And there was an interesting book set on a stand in the center of the room. It seemed to quiver a bit when he tried to touch it (the Book, if it could talk, would've said it was confused by the sense of Wyatt-not-Wyatt, and if it had shoulders it would've shrugged and said, eh, how much damage could he do? If he gets out of hand I'll smack him down), but as he flipped through the pages, he began to realize that this Book could be fun to experiment with.

He was just definitely making sure his back was not to the door.
Wow, that had been a weird dream. Him and Summer? She was cute and all, and okay, so maybe he'd poached some of his brother's girlfriends before, but that was old Wyatt. New Wyatt was more than happy with Isabel. Whom he certainly wasn't going to tell about the dream. And he sure as hell wasn't going to tell Chris, either.

He snuggled closer to Isabel. Or so he thought.

[For the one who is not Isabel.]
Wyatt woke up when his alarm went off. He reached out blindly to turn it off so as to not wake his roommate, then got up and staggered across the hall to the bathroom. Except when he got ready to relieve himself, something was missing.

He stared down for a long moment, then yanked his pajama pants back up and turned to a mirror. The reflection gaping at him wasn't his own. What the hell? He wasn't even in Fandom. This wasn't happening. He had to be dreaming.

He hurried back to his room, praying no one would see him, then grabbed his phone and dove under the covers. Isabel had an early class that morning, so he couldn't call. Which was fine with him, because he wasn't sure he wanted to attempt speaking. So he texted:

TO: Isabel
FROM: Wyatt

Are you okay???
DATE: August 25
SUBJECT: Finally got my course schedule sorted out!

I tried to avoid a Friday class, but obviously demons do the scheduling here.

ENVS 300 01 Introduction to Environmental Studies, Monday/Wednesday, 9:35-10:50

CLAS 330.01 Ancient Epic Tales, Monday/Wednesday/Friday, 11:00 - 11:50 (I can see your shocked face)

GEOL 302.02 The Violent Earth, Tuesday/Thursday 11:00 - 12:15

ASTR 115.01 Introduction to Astronomy, Tuesday/Thursday 1:45 - 3:00

ENGL 160.01 The Vampire Tradition, Thursdays 7:00 - 9:45 (No, really! It's an English elective. I figured it would be amusing and maybe informative. Should I be worried that it's taught at night, though?)

See you soon!

This was not on the schedule! )

[Preplayed with the lovely [ profile] izzyalienqueen.]
Twelve or so hours of driving (including stops for gas, food, cheesy tourist attractions, and other necessities) brought Wyatt and Isabel from Alexandria to Nashville. Driving cross-country was going to take a lot longer than orbing, but it was worth it for the experience and the company. And, of course, stopping at every Guy Fieri-endorsed diner they could find along the way.

Wyatt actually had a destination in mind for a late dinner, one he'd found recommended on the Food Network website. So after they'd checked into their motel, Wyatt led Isabel on the short walk to the Tin Angel.

"Dork," Isabel laughed.

"C'mon, I had to," Wyatt said, opening up the door and holding it for her.

[For great slowplay with the GF.]
While Isabel did her own packing upstairs, Wyatt was finishing packing in his own room. He'd already orbed a lot of stuff home, leaving the important stuff to be taken along on the road trip. He was stalling, just a bit, distracting himself by checking his email and looking up places online they might visit on their trip.

[Goodbye post -- meant to have this up much earlier, but I was traveling all day. May be SP at times because my parents will pout at me for being on the computer while I'm home. Late pings are fine. :) ]
Post-prom, Wyatt and Isabel had returned to his room. They probably wouldn't have fallen into so restful a sleep if they thought about what had happened after the prom last year.

Cut for cuteness. )

[ooc: preplayed with the lovely [ profile] izzyalienqueen and [ profile] weehalfangels.]
Wyatt almost couldn't believe he was done with school. He'd had his last final that morning, and next was graduation. Which he'd been told in the past involved aliens and jello dragons, so he couldn't wait to see what was going to happen this year. Might as well relax while he could.

[For the brother. And the girlfriend.]


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