While Isabel did her own packing upstairs, Wyatt was finishing packing in his own room. He'd already orbed a lot of stuff home, leaving the important stuff to be taken along on the road trip. He was stalling, just a bit, distracting himself by checking his email and looking up places online they might visit on their trip.

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Post-prom, Wyatt and Isabel had returned to his room. They probably wouldn't have fallen into so restful a sleep if they thought about what had happened after the prom last year.

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Wyatt almost couldn't believe he was done with school. He'd had his last final that morning, and next was graduation. Which he'd been told in the past involved aliens and jello dragons, so he couldn't wait to see what was going to happen this year. Might as well relax while he could.

[For the brother. And the girlfriend.]
Wyatt was in his room, staring at his phone. He knew he should call his mother -- both of them -- but he was having a hard time figuring out what to say to them. Hi, I turned evil, ask me how?

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Wyatt wasn't hiding in his room, really. He was just enjoying solitude and possibly dwelling on the fact that he'd been changed into his evil doppelganger over the weekend and hurt people he cared about.

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After toying with his brother's "roommate," Wyatt withdrew to the room he had first found himself in to get some rest. Even megalomaniacs with phenomenal cosmic power needed to nap. The meditative state he put himself in was light enough that if anyone tried to come in, he'd wake up immediately.

Stupid brother.

Stupid island.

Still not king.

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Wyatt swung by his room later that morning, having spent the night two floors up with his girlfriend. As he walked through the door, he got the weirdest feeling that something wasn't right, but looking around, he didn't see anything out of place.

By then the curse on the bear had begun to affect his younger self in San Francisco. It sent ripples through time, changing the course of his life thus far, altering decisions and actions.

Then Wyatt himself physically changed, his clothes turning all black, his expression becoming darker. There was . . . unfortunate facial hair growth involved. He looked around the room, confused. Where the hell was he? How had he gotten here? Someone was going to answer for this. . . probably his damn brother.

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The demon appeared in Wyatt's empty room headfirst. Only his head appeared, looked around, and then the rest of his body followed. He eyed the teddy bear on Wyatt's desk. Perfect. The toddler in San Francisco yearned for the bear and had a strong connection to it. His power would follow that connection.

He picked up the bear in one hand and waved the other over it. The bear glowed red, then returned to normal. The demon returned the bear to the desk. Now he just had to wait for the curse to take effect. His body disappeared from view, head vanishing last.

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Wyatt glared at the alien robot baby currently lying on his bed. Every time he put the damn thing down, it would start to cry again. This did not bode well.

After orbing himself, Isabel, Michael, and Ronan from the beach, and after Ronan and Michael had left them, Wyatt shut the door behind them and walked across the room. He put his hands on Isabel's arms. "Hey," he said softly. "How are you doing?"
Wyatt was in his room, surfing the web and killing time before class that morning.

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Wyatt woke up in his own bed, thankfully alone. Maybe the weekend had all been one crazy dream. Isabel couldn't have been a cranky pregnant woman. And he definitely wasn't gay and obsessed with sex. Okay, maybe the second part was true. But the images in his memories were too vivid and real to have been a dream.

He groaned and yanked his pillow over his face. It might have been more bearable if he'd stayed in his room, but no, he had to go out and socialize. And he had . . . with Peter! And with Link -- Troy! He was never going to be able to look them in the eyes again.

Then yesterday he'd run into Chris at the Perk who seemed to be himself except for thinking that his brother was evil. Wyatt winced. He hadn't really hit on his brother, had he? Killing himself was becoming more and more attractive.

He'd gone to to Caritas last night and hit on Anders. He was never going to hear the end of it. He contemplated skipping class and wondered if attempting to kill himself would be a good excuse for missing school.

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Christian left the common room with Peter returning later so he didn't totally joss himself, checking out the doors lining the hall. "They all have numbers, like this used to be a hotel or something," he said, trying the doors. And what do you know, door 226 opened up. How convenient.
Wyatt and Isabel were snuggling in bed. After Project Runway and A Daily Show, there had been heaving bosoms and longing loins, and now they were resting in the afterglow. The window was partially open to let the winter air cool the steamy room.

There was a rustling in the corner. They both raised their heads from the pillows to see what it was, just in time to spot a small animal scurrying across the room and sneaking out the window.

". . . was that a black-footed ferret?" Isabel said.

"I think so," Wyatt said. "Did you know they are so named because of their dark legs?"

"They are so small, surely weighing only about two pounds and measuring two feet from tip to tail," Isabel agreed. "I read about them in one of my father's books. I discovered they are related to minks and otters. It is said their closest relations are European ferrets and Siberian polecats. Researchers theorize that polecats crossed the land bridge that once linked Siberia and Alaska, to establish the New World population."

"What I have observed of them, myself, is that these tiny animals breed in early spring when the males roam the night in search of females," Wyatt said. "Mothers typically give birth to three kits in early summer and raise their young alone in abandoned prairie dog burrows."

"I read that ferrets stalk and kill prairie dogs during the night. Using their keen sense of smell and whiskers to guide them through pitch-black burrows, ferrets suffocate the sleeping prey, an impressive feat considering the two species are about the same weight," Isabel added with a shiver.

Wyatt TK'd the window closed and drew Isabel closer. "In turn," he said, "coyotes, badgers, and owls prey on ferrets, whose life span in the wild is often less than two winters. They have a short, quick life."

Isabel nodded in agreement, then as swiftly as they came, all thoughts of ferrets left them, and they drifted off to sleep.

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Wyatt woke up, yawned, stretched, and rolled over to check the clock. It was dark out, so it had to still be pretty early in the morning and therefore no reason to get out of bed yet. The blue LED lights of the alarm clock told him it was almost 5:00 AM, so he made a sleepy sound and sank down in his pillow.

Then he realized that the little dot that meant "AM" hadn't been lit up. 5:00 PM? He'd slept through the entire day? He sat up abruptly and tried to get out of the bed, but his legs got tangled in the blankets and he fell, sprawling on the floor. Cursing, he stood up and hobbled over to turn on the light, then sat back down on the bed to inspect himself. He'd managed to scrape his knee and elbow, but his healing ability made short work of that. Too bad he hadn't been able to use it as a kid. He had a couple of scars from childhood adventures that it would've been nice to get rid of.

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Shopping for Christmas had just gotten harder. Before Wyatt only had to think of something for Chris and Grandpa Victor. Now he had his mother -- two of them -- as well as Aunt Phoebe and Aunt Prue. And, of course, the one he was fretting most about, the girlfriend. Shopping for girls was strange and new.

He'd almost reached the credit limit on his card once he was done. For Chris, he got a coat, because it was much colder in Fandom than in San Francisco. He got a necklace for not-really-his-Mom-Piper, earrings for Prue, and a purse for Phoebe.

For Isabel he got flowers, a cashmere sweater and earrings. He might have to take extra shifts at the clinic to pay off that bill, but it was worth it.

So shopping was done, and now he was tossing some clothes in a bag. He and Chris were going to spend Christmas with their real parents. He was just a little bit nervous about how that was going to go.

Then it struck him that he'd done most of his shopping on bluefly.com. He totally blamed Project Runway and Isabel.

[Door and post are open!]
With no classes this week, Wyatt had made the most of the day by sleeping late. When he finally got up, he realized his cell phone had died who-knows-when and plugged it in to charge. Retrieving a message that was a few days old, he called Savannah. The door was open now as he waited for her to drop by.

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