When Wyatt's phone beeped with a new message in his voicemail, he flipped it open and listened. And stared at the phone in confusion. And called Mac back.

Okay, what the hell, date? That needed a response.

The next message wasn't any less baffling. He returned that one as well.

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After classes, Wyatt relaxed in his room, still boggling over the children invading the island and the new branches to his family tree it had produced. Wrong on so many levels.
Wyatt was sitting on his bed, flipping through the Book of Shadows and taking notes. There had to be a spell in here he could use to return his parents and aunts to life. There were spells to summon spirits and spells to vanquish ghosts, but nothing so far to restore the dead. But he knew there had to be a way to do it, and he knew he had the power to make it work.

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Wyatt was in his room, relaxing after a rather interesting encounter with Lana. Maybe she wasn't so bad after all.

Right now he was waiting for Chris to show up so they could figure out a spell to get their stolen senses back. Pity he couldn't see, because then he might realize he had lipstick marks all over his face.
Wyatt, a grin on his face, woke up slowly from very pleasant dreams. The details faded as he became conscious, but he knew they'd been good.

He yawned, stretched, and opened his eyes. Except everything was still dark. He blinked and rubbed his eyes. They were definitely open and he was definitely awake, but he couldn't see a thing. He could hear birds outside the windows; it had to be morning. The curtains weren't thick enough to blot out the morning sun, and besides, even if it was still night, there were outside lights and the glow of his alarm clock. But he couldn't see any of that.

Commence flailing.

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Wyatt was flipping through the Book of Shadows, waiting for Chris to show up. He had to resist the urge for an evil cackle. Oh yes, this would be fun.

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Wyatt had spent pretty much the entire weekend holed up in his room, obsessively pouring over the Book of Shadows and a couple other books he'd found in the library after talking to Bridge. He was sure he could find a resurrection spell and bring his parents back to life. And he definitely had the power to pull it off. He had Excalibur, after all. And more than a few hours had been spent summoning and vanishing the sword -- just to see that he could.

Then late Sunday night he heard the radio. And facepalmed. And started making plans for revenge on a certain big-mouthed psycho ex-girlfriend of Anders.

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After a busy weekend of demon-saving and alien-smiting, Wyatt decided he should fill his mother in on what had been going on. So he picked up his phone and dialed her number.

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Wyatt had handwavily borrowed the Book of Shadows from Chris and was flipping through its pages as he munched on a bowl of noddles.

No, he wasn't idly looking for information on how to possibly summon a Whitelighter.

Or any spell he could use to break up a couple.

Why would he do that?

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Wyatt couldn't sit still, though he did try not to pace as he waited for people to show up so Tannim could open the portal to the Underworld.

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Wyatt was in his room, wondering if an excursion to the Underworld was such a bright idea after all.

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There was a plan.

It may not have been a good plan. But it was a plan.

But they would need the Power of Three, well, two thirds of it at least. So before going to the common room to play charades, Wyatt called his mom.
Two cats, one black, one white, stared at Wyatt from his bed. He'd taken them from his aunt's room after she'd left with Belthazor since someone needed to take care of them.

He just hoped Tannim liked cats.

[Open, wheee.]
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Wyatt woke up in a cranky mood. He shouldn't be in this place, he should be out bending the world to his will. He was the Twice-Blessed Child, after all, and the most powerful force of magic the world would ever know. Good and Evil were meaningless. It was all about power.

And then there was his traitorous brother to deal with. He couldn't believe Chris, of all people, would turn on him. He could forgive his brother -- if he promised to never cross him again.

He heaved a sigh of frustration and randomly TK'd a lamp across the room, smashing it against the door.

[It always said Saturday -- you need your eyes checked. Wyatt is his evil!self from Chris-Crossed and other episodes.]
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Wyatt had the Book of Shadows on his desk, opened up to a page on ghosts. He'd actually put decent effort into tidying up the room.

He glanced at the clock, waiting for a knock at the door.

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It had definitely been a strange few days.

Tuesday morning he and Chris had gotten on a flight to Fandom. After checking in (wtf squirrels?), he'd found his room and gone out to meet people. Anders had seemed pretty cool and gave him food. He'd also met Turtle, Broots, Al, Pippi, Tyler, Tannim (his roommate, who was a mage, and that was definitely cool), and Dick. Then he'd found his Big Brother Eric Weiss. And in the course of these meetings, he'd discovered it was 2007, not 2020, there had been invasions from jello dragons, trolls, snowmen, and zombies, and most brain-breaking of all, Aunt Phoebe went to school there and his mother had graduated the year before.

Chris pretty much thought he was on drugs. Maybe telling his roommate, Summer, to guard her eyeliner was petty revenge, but it sure amused the hell out of him.

The next day had been meeting more people: Jo, Turtle again, Mel, Pam, Bridge, and Alec. More of the same the following morning, when he met Katara, Tori, and Cassie, and talked to Chris about going to meet Aunt Phoebe.

So they'd headed to Caritas, the local bar, and found Phoebe working there. And dropped the bombshell on her. And she dropped one of her own: she was dating a demon (a demon who was sleeping with Anders, according to Weiss, wtf).

If he didn't lose his mind in this place, it would be a miracle.

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